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Daily Boost

  • July 11, 2014 - Reflections

    By Jean S. Horner
    The other day while walking down a corridor in a public building, I saw what appeared to be someone walking toward me. On coming closer, I found it was my own reflection in a huge mirror. For a moment it frightened me. Somehow a full-length reflection of one’s self is a startling thing. ...


Daily Boost

Feb. 8, 2011 - Bread Each Day

By Verinda M. Birdsong

“Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11, KJV).

I caught myself eating morsels of food before I prayed or thanked the Lord for His supply. The Holy Spirit began to interrupt my eating with a reminder that I failed to give thanks. I’d forgotten an important petition: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Jesus’ discourse to His disciples in His model prayer includes asking God for provision every day. Recognizing and honoring our Heavenly Father as the only One who gives us our daily bread keeps us humble and dependent on Him. God fed the Children of Israel in the wilderness with manna, a substance that sprung forth with the morning dew on the ground. How interesting that God only sent this “bread” to His people.

Each day, the people gathered the food they would eat for that day. For 40 years, the Israelites exercised their faith by waiting for God to send the manna for the next day. Anything gathered in excess of what was consumed rotted in their houses. God clearly was teaching the people to have faith in Him as their Supplier rather than in the supply itself. Surviving our own wilderness of want takes the same kind of faith.

I am a part of this spoiled American society, rich with “entitlements.” I repent when I remember swollen stomachs due to extreme hunger are still a rarity compared to Third World countries. I’ve had lean economic times before, and I understand what it is like when there is no money for groceries. Prosperous times can cause us to forget hardship, but do we need lean times to chasten us to remember the importance of this request?

God wants to meet our needs, and He is waiting for us to ask Him to meet our needs. Ask God to give you the humility to ask for His “daily bread.” Then trust He will provide.

— Verinda Birdsong lives in Baltimore, Md., where she is a columnist writing about homelessness. She is committed to sharing her love for God, and she worships at the Good Shepherd Church of God in Christ, Baltimore.



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