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Daily Boost

  • July 11, 2014 - Reflections

    By Jean S. Horner
    The other day while walking down a corridor in a public building, I saw what appeared to be someone walking toward me. On coming closer, I found it was my own reflection in a huge mirror. For a moment it frightened me. Somehow a full-length reflection of one’s self is a startling thing. ...


Daily Boost

June 6, 2012 - Seek and Find Life

By Kristen Feola

“This is what the Lord says to Israel: ‘Seek me and live’” (Amos 5:4, NIV).

Have you ever lost your car keys? I have — more than once. Usually when it happens to me, I’m headed out the door to go somewhere without a minute to spare. As soon as I realize the keys aren’t in my purse, I stop whatever I’m doing and search. Locating my keys immediately becomes top priority. I search my house with great diligence, and I won’t stop until I find them.

God wants us to pursue Him with that kind of intensity, and He promises to reward us when we do.

In Amos 5:4, God told the Israelites, “Seek me and live.” In fact, just in case they missed it the first time, He said it again two verses later. He warned His people that if they chased after the wrong things for fulfillment, they would end up disappointed. However, God assured them that if they put their energy toward knowing Him, they would find ultimate satisfaction. He says the same thing to us today.

Seeking the Lord requires that we look for Him with intense effort — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. That means we possess a fierce determination to do whatever it takes to get close to Him. We get out of bed earlier to pray. We read the Word when our flesh would rather do something else. We refuse to be distracted by frustrations and setbacks. Seeking is not for the faint of heart. Seeking requires perseverance.

When finding the Lord becomes your passionate pursuit, you won’t become exhausted from the search. Instead, you’ll be refreshed by the priceless reward of His unfailing love. You’ll experience the richest abundance — a joyful, Spirit-filled, victorious life in Christ.

Lord God, my heart’s desire is for You. Often, though, I make the mistake of seeking satisfaction elsewhere. Show me what I need to do to pursue You with all that I am. Your love gives me life!

— Kristen Feola is the author of the book The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. She and her family attend James River Assembly in Ozark, Mo. Kristen blogs at



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