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Daily Boost

  • July 11, 2014 - Reflections

    By Jean S. Horner
    The other day while walking down a corridor in a public building, I saw what appeared to be someone walking toward me. On coming closer, I found it was my own reflection in a huge mirror. For a moment it frightened me. Somehow a full-length reflection of one’s self is a startling thing. ...


Daily Boost

February 24, 2014 - Inside Out

By Randy Mantik

God wants us to take our insecurities and turn them into passionate desire for Him.

Have you ever been in a hurry and put on your shirt inside out? It looks funny, doesn't it? Feels kind of strange too. All that is attractive about the garment is unseen because we have it on the wrong way. Granted, we still get the warmth or modesty from the garment; we enjoy the benefit of its covering. But we've got it on the wrong way around and it has to be corrected.

For years I've felt like I've gone around wearing the garment of my personality inside out. All the seams were always showing; loose threads were hanging out. It was embarrassing! I couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong; I couldn't put it on the right way.

One day I was experiencing feelings of great insecurity. I was spending time with a friend, so I shared with him some of the things that had been going on. That kind of confession usually lifted my spirits. But this time I felt worse!

I thank God that I did. I realized that I needed to turn to God even more than I needed to tell my problems to a friend. I brought my insecurity to God. I poured out my heart before Him. And the sense of insecurity lifted! God had wanted me to come to Him all along. He didn't want me to deny the insecurity, but to bring it to Him as an offering — a sacrifice of myself.

In Scripture, there is an interesting sidebar in the midst of a very significant event in the life of Jacob. His beloved son, Joseph, whom he thought had been killed, has been found to be alive. Of all things, Joseph is in charge of disbursing the very grain that Jacob's family needs to survive a famine.

Events unfold and Jacob makes plans to move to Egypt and be reunited with his dear son. However, on the way, Jacob seems to feel insecure about the direction they are going. He may have remembered the trouble that Abraham had in Egypt, and he seems to be unsure of what to do.

How do we know that? Look at this passage of Scripture and the great encouragement that God was to Jacob:

"So Israel set out with all that was his, and when he reached Beersheba, he offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac.

"And God spoke to Israel in a vision at night and said, 'Jacob! Jacob!'

"'Here I am,' he replied.

"'I am God, the God of your father,' he said. 'Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there. I will go down to Egypt with you, and I will surely bring you back again. And Joseph's own hand will close your eyes.'" (Genesis 46:1-4, NIV)

Jacob, near the end of his life, turned to God at this pivotal moment. It was rather like he was admitting his insecurities and unsureness that had plagued him his whole life. Much later in Scripture, it says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him" (James 1:5).

Jacob could well have been anxious about what the future held for him at this critical moment, but he turned to God and worshipped Him. And as he did, God spoke to him in such a wonderful, reassuring way. After Jacob received this encouragement from God, then it says, "Jacob left Beersheba." He could move from the familiar into the unknown because God had helped him put his "shirt" on the right way.

I once had my shirt on inside out. I saw my feelings of insecurity as a weakness. But they were what would be used to bring me closer to God. He wanted me to no longer look at my insecurities as inescapable liabilities. Instead, God wanted me to see that they are a constant reminder to turn to Him, the Rock in whom is all security. God wanted me, as He always does, to take my insecurities and turn them into passionate desire for Him.

When the "shirt" is on right, it reveals His glory, His honor, His image, His blessing as it was intended to do. Take a moment to check. Is your "shirt" on the right way?

— Randy Mantik is lead pastor at CrossPoint Assembly of God in Portage, Wis.




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