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Daily Boost

  • April 17, 2014 - Pressing Toward the Goal

    By Jessie Pen-Lewis
    Paul tells us, "Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after" (Philippians 3:12, KJV). It is as much as to say, "I have not yet gained all there is to gain, but my soul follows hard after Christ for all that He has for me." ...

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Guard Your Heart

Information provided in Guard Your Heart is reported so readers can make God-honoring entertainment decisions. Information should not be viewed as an endorsement or recommendation of items evaluated.

In the following movies the minimum number of times you’ll see or hear sexual content, violence/gore, profanity, disrespecting God, and alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are listed.

To help readers better understand Guard Your Heart’s ratings system the following explanations are offered:

  • Sexual content covers depictions such as nudity and sexual acts plus nonverbal references regarding sex.
  • Violence/gore details everything from a shoving match to murder.
  • Crude language/profanity encompasses inappropriate use of anatomical terms plus curse words.
  • Disrespecting God involves using God’s name as an expression of emotion or using it as a curse word.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs reports the minimum number of times viewers will see such products used.

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10,000 B.C.
Rating: PG-13
Sexual content: 3
Violence/Gore: 13
Crude language/Profanity: 1
Disrespecting God: 0
Alcohol, tobacco and drugs: 0

Rating: PG-13
Sexual content: 1
Violence/Gore: 8
Crude language/Profanity: 30+
Disrespecting God: 16
Alcohol, tobacco and drugs: 2

16 Blocks
Rating: PG-13
Sexual content: 0
Violence/Gore: 8
Crude language/Profanity: 8
Blasphemy: 4
Alcohol, tobacco and drugs: 1

17 Again
Rating: PG-13
Sexual content: 8
Violence/Gore: 3
Crude language/Profanity: 20
Disrespecting God: 8
Alcohol, tobacco and drugs: 2

27 Dresses
Rating: PG-13
Sexual content: 7
Violence/Gore: 5
Crude language/Profanity: 30+
Disrespecting God: 3
Alcohol, tobacco and drugs: 3