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Helping men discover God

By Steve Carman, 56,
First Assembly of God,
Wilmington, California
Steve Carman


For 35 years I have worked in the nation's space program on projects like the Apollo missions, Skylab and the Viking mission to Mars. As a mechanical engineer for Apollo, I was responsible for the structures in the crew compartment and worked with the astronauts to make sure they knew how to use the tools inside the command module. I still work for the space industry, fashioning scientific instruments to measure things like sunlight and the earth's temperature.

But being part of missions to outer space has not been the highlight of my life. I grew up in an atheist household; but after a long search, my wife and I found the Lord in 1970. She is now a minister at our church, and I lead HonorBound, our church's ministry to men.

In each church I've belonged to, I have served in men's ministries. I have a heart for men and want them to come to the Lord in the same way that changed my life. One of the HonorBound discipleship resources, called "Preparing To Win," is terrific at giving us a spiritual temperature of ourselves, showing us our strengths and weaknesses. The men get together as a group and in smaller groups to share our victories and defeats and to encourage each other to go deeper in the Word.

Seeing men's lives change is very rewarding. When the Lord touches a man's life, it changes his whole family. Men find that they can change the negative aspects of their families into positives.

We've had men come out of alcoholism and drugs. One man thought violence in the home was normal. When he came to know the Lord and joined HonorBound, he realized there was another standard to live by. His behavior changed so dramatically that his family hardly recognized him. He has a hunger for the Word of God, and he calls me often with questions about the Scriptures.

God has a plan for each of us and men should strive to understand what God's plan is. HonorBound helps a man see what God's standard looks like. The only way men change is through association with other men, and HonorBound is a forum for that kind of spiritual growth.


To grow godly men through the power of the Holy Spirit — unique men of honor, baptized in the Holy Spirit, engaged in evangelism, committed to a lifetime of discipleship and supportive of the local church.

How many

There are approximately 6,000 local HonorBound groups, with about 135,000 men involved.


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