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How my life changed

By Julie Rodriguez, 17,
Eternal Life Assembly of God,
Hobbs, New Mexico


I didn't grow up in church, and my family went through some hard times, some of it involving alcohol. But when we moved to our new home, things changed. We started going to church as a family, and I joined the Missionettes club at the church.

It didn't take me long to feel comfortable with the people there. Now my whole life is different than it was. I used to hang around gang-bangers and people who thought they were tough. But in Missionettes I have Christian friends who are there for me when I have a problem. We go to camp together. My Missionettes sponsors are always there for me to talk to.

This year I was crowned an Honor Star. I had to work hard and study and pray a lot to accomplish it. My family was praying for me, too, and I had a lot of help from my Missionettes teacher. I was chosen to read my essay in front of a women's conference, and there were a lot of tears. I started crying too. The essay was about how my prayer came true when my family started going to church.

This year I'll graduate from high school, and I want to attend college. I also want to become a Missionettes sponsor. Right now I help teach the younger girls in our Missionettes group, helping them look up Scriptures in the Bible and listening when they want to talk.

Missionettes helps girls care about the Lord and gives them the assurance that when life is over they will go to heaven to be with Him. I keep bringing my friends to Missionettes to show them how good it feels to follow God. I feel closer to God than I ever have before. I know He is there for me, and Missionettes has been a big part of that.


To win girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance and to teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded us.

How many

About 170,000 girls belong to Missionettes in the Assemblies of God in more than 21,000 clubs.

Age range

3-18 years



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