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Royal Rangers

Growing spiritually healthy boys

By Darren Geesaman, 39,
Living Waters Chapel
(Assemblies of God),
Lebanon, Pennsylvania


I've been involved with Royal Rangers for 12 years, leading our church's outpost and watching my own son go through the program. Royal Rangers is the best program I have seen for boys to build relationships with other boys. As they participate in activities — going to baseball games, having pinewood derby races, going on camping trips — the boys grow socially, mentally and spiritually, and they learn what God expects of them as followers of Christ.

Camping is one of the main tools we use to reach boys for Christ. When you take a boy out into nature, he's going to act differently than he will in a classroom. I've seen boys get baptized in the Holy Spirit at council fires. Gathering around the altar and the campfire brings boys together like nothing else, bonding and becoming family. They often sit around the campfire and talk, not always about spiritual stuff, but about things that matter to them. They learn that they can't get through life alone, and that God wants us to find other people whose friendship and talents we need to make it.

I've seen rowdy boys experience life changes during campouts. I know two boys in particular who had a difficult home life. It seemed they could never do right in their father's eyes; but when they came to Rangers, they started to excel because they were recognized for their efforts. They are now some of the finest boys to come out of our outpost. One is in college studying music. If he had not been in Rangers, he probably would not have gone to college.

I've seen fathers and whole families come to know the Lord because their boys were excited about Royal Rangers. To see a boy come up through the ranks and take his place as a young man in the church is very rewarding.


Reach, teach and keep boys for Christ. Boys grow spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally by combining camping and survival skills with a knowledge of the Bible.

How many

More than 128,000 boys belong to Royal Rangers. Rangers programs are in 63 countries. There are 5,500 active groups.

Age range

5-17 years


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