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Sunday School

Answers to my questions

By Terri Brelsford, 36,
Lawson, Missouri


I was what we called a "bus kid." Every week a Sunday school teacher came and picked me up. The people in my Sunday school class became my family. Sunday school teachers served as mentors and helped me mature in my faith. My teachers inconvenienced themselves beyond the Sunday school hour, even picking me up on Saturdays to knock on doors with them and invite people to church.

I received Jesus into my heart in a Sunday school class. I was 6 years old and Sister Creeson was talking about how we are separated from God. I realized I was lost from Christ; and when she gave the invitation to receive Him, I made that decision.

Later, when I was a senior in high school, I felt the Lord calling me to ministry. I would pace the floor at night, praying and reading the Scripture and trying to understand how He could use me. One Sunday morning, my Sunday school teacher went through the Bible teaching us how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary ministry. Tears streamed down my face, and I whispered yes to the Holy Spirit. A peace settled over my heart as I accepted His call.

Sunday school has been there every step of the way for me, offering a small group setting where I find answers for my deepest questions. As an adult, Sunday school has helped me build relationships with others. Sometimes it is difficult to get acquainted with others in the larger church setting. Sunday school provides a forum where I can meet people. Every week I share prayer requests. Many areas of my spiritual walk are addressed in Sunday school with more depth and personal application than is sometimes possible in a service. Sunday school is a place where families can make connections with and minister to other families.

Sunday school kept me steady when I was young and provided a forum for God to speak to me as I grew older. I'm now a missionary candidate to Southern Asia and will soon be leaving. God's grace was extended to me through Sunday school, and my life has never been the same.


To fulfill the Great Commission that mandates teaching and winning the lost and teaching and training for life and service.

How many

Nearly all of the 12,000 Assemblies of God churches have a Sunday school. Estimates are that each week 1 million people attend Sunday school at Assemblies of God churches.

Age range

All ages



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