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Sunday School

Learning about Jesus

By Sara Salas, 11,
Portland Christian Center,
Portland, Oregon


I 've been going to Sunday school since I was little, and I like it a lot. I became a Christian at age 4. In my Sunday school class we talk about God and have special nights with games and contests. Sometimes we work and play on the computer. The first day I went to my new Sunday school class we got together in groups and got to know each other. I have a lot of friends in my class now, and they encourage me to do the right things.

I raised my hand and asked Christ into my heart. I believe in Him, I read the Bible and go to church, and I live the way God asks me to. My friends do the same.

Sunday school is fun, and kids can make lots of friends. You have the security of knowing God protects you and that you will go to heaven after you die.


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