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Women's Ministries

Making my life count

By Lucy Mitchell, 46,
First Assembly of God,
Fort Myers, Florida


I was raised in church, but my life went astray. I was an unwed mother, on drugs and living a shameful life. People saw me as a down-and-out woman with a bad reputation, but God heard my cry for help and delivered me from drug addiction. He gave me back my dignity and respect when the enemy had taken it all.

When I got saved, I grew close to the Lord. My life dramatically changed. Then I felt that God wanted me to move back to my old neighborhood, and I resisted because I only remembered hard times and sorrow. Then I realized I needed to be a light in that community.

I had started attending the Assemblies of God church nearby, but I was not involved with the women's group. One day while I was working, I saw a young woman in the park. She was on drugs and had been there all night in the rain. I helped her get cleaned up, and then I took her to an event specifically for hurting women. As I listened to the women's ministries pastor, I realized that I too needed what they were offering. That was six years ago, and our church's women's ministry revolutionized my life. What they taught me was done with such loving-kindness.

Now I deliver groceries every week to needy people in my neighborhood. When they let me, I pray with them. Sometimes people recognize me from my old life, and I tell them that Christ has changed everything.

Women's Ministries helped me to see my worth in God. Along with two other women, I started and led a class for women in my neighborhood, and now I drive children to church for children's ministry. God put me back in my old neighborhood to minister to the women.

Women need special ministry. We have similar issues and needs: How can we best take care of our children? How can we be the wife God called us to be? When women join forces with other women, we learn from each other.

I came to Women's Ministries needing God to do something for me. He healed me to the point where I can take my bandages off and dress someone else's wounds.


To touch the lives of women by the transforming power of Jesus Christ, discipling them to follow His example and training them to minister to others.

How many

There are more than 9,100 Assemblies of God Women's Ministries groups nationwide, with more than 267,000 women actively involved.


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