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Revival reports
from the Pentecostal Evangel

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March 22, 1947
New England District

A most unusual occurrence has taken place in one of our New England cities. A great revival has broken out in a church of another denomination which has swept the city and stirred the schools.

Last fall one of our pioneer workers in the New England District (which for the most part is a frontier field) was instrumental in leading several ministers of this denomination into an experimental knowledge of the full gospel. One of these ministers, as a result of receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit, has suffered much persecution for his convictions and his experiences. His conference forbade him to preach this experience in his church, so he resigned as pastor of this church and returned his credentials to the conference, preferring truth with persecution to the approval of his associates.

A 1933 camp meeting held in Baxter Springs, Kan.,
led by Robert L. Parham (in front of sign.)

Our minister, relating the incident, reports as follows:

"In short time he was called to pastor another church, even though the church was aware of his doctrine. Faithfulness brought results. In less than six weeks of ministry, his new congregation had doubled in number, and revival broke out. Twenty-seven were soundly converted, and 22 were filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues as in the days of old. The entire town was stirred.

"The old church members were seized with such conviction that they went from one to another, confessing sin, strife and variance, until the Holy Spirit came upon them. Remarkable healings occurred. Tongues and interpretations and prophecies were in almost constant evidence.

"Young people who were converted in the revival carried their Bibles to school, and worked energetically to win their friends to Jesus. Persecution failed to stop them.

"One young girl (about 14 years of age) was healed of spinal curvature and was very grateful to the Lord for His mercies and was so filled with the Holy Spirit that she was speaking in tongues in an ecstasy, with her head resting on her desk at school.

"The teacher, not knowing the circumstances, was going to shake her by the shoulder to get her attention, when another girl leaped to her feet and exclaimed, ‘Don’t touch her! She is full of God!’

"The principal was reported to have forbidden the children to witness for the Lord, whereupon the entire group of believing young people called on him in a body and asked why profanity, filthy stories, etc., were allowed, but the gospel was suppressed. So the work goes forward to the glory of God."

The McCurley Water Street Mission in New York City in 1952.

March 11, 1956
Lapwai, Idaho

The folk at the Nez Perce Indian Reservation are rejoicing over a gracious visitation of God in recent months. Prior to the special meetings conducted by Evangelist Norman E. Erickson and songleader Larry Knopp of Spokane, Wash., prayer meetings and a week of tarrying services were held at which time one received the Holy Spirit and two were healed by the power of God. During the four-week revival a number were saved, some were reclaimed, 26 received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and at least 18 experienced a refilling of the Spirit of God. There were numerous healings from a wide variety of disorders. A 2-year-old who had swallowed a one-inch screw was remarkably delivered after being rushed to the morning prayer service. A baby who had been declared mentally deficient showed decided improvement after prayer was made in her behalf. Truly the hearts of the people have been stirred by this mighty manifestation of God’s power.

— O.B. Skogstad, pastor

September 26, 1965
Shafter, Calif.

The Assembly of God here experienced revival. In the three-week crusade 30 were saved, 20 filled with the Holy Spirit and many refilled and healed.

There were many visitors, and crowds were large. Chairs were needed to accommodate them. A backslidden Pentecostal preacher was reclaimed and is now working for God. A Baptist couple (he was choir leader and she was a pianist in the Baptist church) were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Tithes and offerings were largest in several years. In the closing service, pledges were taken for a new Hammond organ.

The church is rejoicing over all that was accomplished in this revival. Many new families have been added to the church.

— A.B. Farmer, pastor



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