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Revival reports
from the Pentecostal Evangel

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November 26, 1972
Sandusky, Ohio

A 10-day crusade at Faith Memorial Assembly was a tremendous blessing to the congregation.

People from many denominations attended the crusade, according to Pastor Robert L. Lafferty. Attendance averaged 130 nightly. A prayer service each morning was well-attended, and many prayers were answered, including one for the healing of the evangelist’s grandson. A special prayer meeting for young people had 30 in attendance.

At least 24 were filled with the Holy Spirit the first Sunday of the crusade and many others received the infilling before the meeting closed.

Six accepted Christ as Savior. On the last night of the services, 18 were baptized in water.

October 10, 1982
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

The Conejo Christian Fellowship (Assemblies of God) of Thousand Oaks has been experiencing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Without an evangelist or a revival crusade, the church is seeing great things.

Since Easter, when the church had the largest Sunday morning attendance in its history, there has been a continual growth. In the last eight months, more than 40 new adult members have been taken into fellowship. Conversions have averaged over two per week; in one service, 16 found the Lord. Forty new converts have been baptized in water.

Many have been filled with the Spirit and several have reported miraculous healing in the eight-month period.

The church is located in a beautiful area not far from North Hollywood. Most people think of the Hollywood area as a place where sin is abounding, but, "Where sin abounds, God’s grace does much more abound."

October 22, 1995
Pensacola, Fla

"We’ve been praying for revival for 2 1/2 years, and we knew one was coming," says Pastor John Kilpatrick of Brownsville Assembly of God. "But this magnitude has shocked us."

Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, FL

Revivals are occurring in communities across America. [The revival at Brownsville has] expanded beyond any boundaries [the church] anticipated and [continues] with no sign of abating. God is pouring out His Spirit so abundantly that many believe something wonderful is about to shape the spiritual face of this country. …

It didn’t take long for word to spread that something incredible was taking place at Brownsville Assembly. Services were being held every night for capacity crowds. … As of September 11, total attendance had passed 160,000, with 70,000 first-time visitors, 6,700 people saved, and hundreds baptized in water. …

"We have seen all kinds of people here: Mormons, Baptists, Jews, Episcopal priests, Catholics and Methodists," Pastor Kilpatrick says. "That’s when you know it’s God and not man."

At press time, Brownsville continues to hold five days of services a week, with no scheduled end in sight. The church expects the revival to continue through the end of the year.

May 18, 1997
Marysville, Wash.

God is moving powerfully in a youth group in Marysville, Wash., a bedroom community 40 miles north of Seattle; and as reports spread throughout the region, young people are coming for an authentic encounter with God.

The church is First Assembly of God, Marysville (Pastor Ken Squires Jr.), and the man in the middle of things is youth pastor Benny Perez. Youth outreach meetings on Wednesday and Thursday nights draw 500 to 600 young people, in a church with average Sunday attendance of 800. The response astounds even Perez.

"This is not the biggest town," Perez says. "It’s not a vacation destination. The presence of God is drawing kids here." …

Public school districts have begun calling him to speak to kids about abstinence, and school officials report dramatic changes in behavior as a result.

"When the public school system starts calling the church, that’s revival," Perez says. "At first I said I was too busy, but they said, ‘You have to come.’ " …

The youth revival in Marysville has gained national attention and continues to draw the curious and the spiritually dry.

"I am awestruck by the depth of God’s love and grace toward the youth generation," Perez says.

August 31, 1997
State College, Pa.

State College is experiencing a dramatic and prolonged move of God, accompanied by miracles and healings, and the removal of denominational barriers. [A multidenominational] Pentecost Sunday service saw a Presbyterian woman healed of partial deafness. An Assemblies of God man was healed of seizures that had plagued him for 20 years. Another woman was freed from carpal tunnel syndrome. A surgeon was later reportedly healed of cancer.

"I think Pentecost Sunday was the official beginning of the spiritual awakening here," says Paul Grabill, pastor of State College Assembly of God. "Nothing is manufactured. It seems like the more obedient we are [to the Holy Spirit], the more God pours out His blessings." …

In December 1996, a layman from Pensacola, Fla., was in State College on vacation and attended the Wednesday night service at the assembly. He shared during the service – and God began to move.

"This dear man was no great speaker," Grabill says, "but the power of God on him was phenomenal. I’d never seen such an anointing."

The service lasted five hours.

"It was a breakthrough service," Grabill says. "Our people looked at this visiting layman and said, ‘That could be me.’ "

State College Assembly of God began holding weekly renewal services. …

Sandy Marshall, wife of the Free Methodist pastor, says the atmosphere before was, " ‘This is my church; that is yours,’ " but now "it’s nothing for us to go to the Assemblies of God church on Sunday night.

"The State College awakening is characterized by keenness to the leadership of the Holy Spirit," she says. "In the last year we’ve seen a revolutionary change, like taking 10 leaps ahead. We credit it to prayer that started with pastors and their wives."


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