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Minnie’s touch circles the globe

A grace note

In 1926, a Spirit-filled mother in her early 20s lay dying of tuberculosis. Her 2-year-old son, Paul, would soon be without his mother. She told a family member on her deathbed that, as she was praying for Paul, the Lord assured her that one day Paul would serve the Lord.

Then she died.

Paul left home when he was a teen-ager, fought in World War II (three years in Asia), married in 1943 and had three children. When he was 36, he was in an accident, where his life should have been taken. Soon afterward, he took his family to an Assemblies of God church, where all of them, including Paul, surrendered their lives to Christ.

One of Paul’s sons, Russ, was 11 at the time. At 16, he was called into ministry. He and his wife, Patsy, missionaries since 1983, now live in Springfield, Mo., where Russ is Foreign Missions director for Asia Pacific.

Russ’ sons, Mark and Nathan, are Assemblies of God missionaries and daughter Rebekah is a pastor’s wife.

Meet the Russ Turney family.

Of the grandmother he never met, Russ says, "I’m very thankful for a praying grandmother. Because of her commitment, my family has received great spiritual benefits from the prayers she prayed over 70 years ago. The prayers of others united with hers to help bring our family to the Lord in 1959."

Russ learned of his grandmother’s prayers through a great-aunt who told the family 10 years after the Paul Turney family was saved. How the assurance came to her young heart that her son would come to Christ, no one knows. Today, Paul, now 76, and his wife, Ruby, live in Ozark, Mo., and attend an Assemblies of God church there.

How are generations blessed? A praying mother/not-yet grandmother, Minnie, helped set in motion a touch that is today being felt around the world.

You may live in an obscure place. You may never see your name in headlines. You may never travel far from your home. But you can send out prayer missiles that will hit as accurately and powerfully as any nuclear warhead. Your prayers may launch a ministering family; they may protect someone from danger; they may ___________. You fill in the blank.

When rewards are given on that Day, Jesus himself will give the commendation: "Wonderful! You are a good and faithful servant. … Come and share in my happiness!" (Matthew 25:23, CEV).

Ann Floyd


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