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Editor's journey

The day the mocking ended

BOTHELL, WASH. — When I left my position as editor of a news magazine to attend Bethany College, a few friends openly questioned my decision. "You already have a journalism degree. Why do you need a Bible degree?" they asked.

One person was more confrontational: "You won’t make money in the ministry. Besides, I thought you wanted to be a newsman like Bob Woodward."

Fortunately I discounted their opinions and followed the leading of the Spirit.

When I arrived at Bethany, leaders like Richard Foth, Everett Wilson, Norman Arnesen and Jim McGill believed in me. They didn’t mock my vision for ministry; they nurtured me spiritually and helped bring clarity to God’s calling on my life.

At Bethany I received personal attention in a peaceful environment. It was a far cry from the crowded lecture halls and student stampedes I had grown accustomed to at the secular university. At Bethany, professors made an effort to know me and invested extra time in my education. I also met students who became lifelong prayer partners. Without the experiences at Bethany my life would have taken a different course. I wouldn’t be at the Pentecostal Evangel, and I wouldn’t know the joy of working with ministries like the Convoy of Hope.

As one whose life was changed some years ago at an Assemblies of God college, I know the vital role our 18 institutions are playing in the lives of young people. But we wanted to give readers a fresh look at how God is touching young people on our campuses today. For this special college edition, we sent reporters to six campuses during the spring semester to interview students, faculty members and administrators. (In the next two years our writers will file reports from the other Assemblies of God institutions.)

Our reporters’ observations will be an inspiration to you. They encountered students who have a passion for God and His work. Some have been called to world missions; others have a burden to serve in local churches. And some feel led to be missionaries in the workplace. They also found students who are committed to following the leading of the Spirit — whether that takes them to a foreign country, inner city or rural community.

May this special edition encourage readers to support and pray for our colleges. And may the Holy Spirit use these pages to speak to young people about their future.

—Hal Donaldson


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