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Celebration of power

By Dr. David Yonggi Cho

Generally, there are two types of prayer. First is fellowship prayer. You are in fellowship with your Lord Jesus Christ. You pray about various subjects. Fellowship prayer is very necessary. Through fellowship you can have joy, love and the peace of God in your life.

The second type of prayer is task prayer. In task prayer, work must be achieved. In task prayer you get results.

In Luke 18:1-8 Jesus Christ is talking about task prayer: "Men ought always to pray, and not to faint." In task prayer you must persist. You must have more patience than the devil has. In task prayer you must have one clear-cut goal like the widow did: "Avenge me of mine adversary." You must have a bull’s-eye to focus on.

When you are task praying, you don’t need to pray with many words. The widow prayed simply: "Avenge me of mine adversary," over and over again.

When you pray a task prayer, you must exercise patience. You are born with patience, but at some time you just gave up patience. When you were a baby, you were flat on your back, but you never got discouraged. Finally you turned over. You kept trying, and finally you could sit. Then you wanted to crawl. Finally you could stand up. How many times did you fall? Many people fail in life because they give up easily. But we must rise up again.

Don’t be frightened by your circumstances. Don’t stand on your five senses. Stand in faith. Be courageous. You will conquer the devil.

When you pray, use all of your strength, all of your emotion. Emotion has tremendous power. When Jesus was praying in Gethsemane, He had strong crying and tears. His perspiration turned into blood. And God gave Him the victory.

When I have a task prayer, then I go to Prayer Mountain and check into a prayer [cubicle]. And I cry at the top of my voice. I use all of my emotion.

When you pray, you must muster all your energy. Through prayer and patience you can see souls set free from delusion.

Prayer is the key to revival. Prayer is the key to bringing God into our society. Brothers and sisters, you must pray. The Holy Spirit is waiting for you when you open your heart.

In this 21st century the church must wake up. We must preach to the end of the world. Start from your own house. Get down and pray. Pray with a clear goal. Pray with simplicity of words. Pray with tremendous patience. Pray with all urgency.

And finally believe that God will answer your prayer. Faith will bring the final victory. Enjoy fellowship prayer; then, when you have a problem, use task prayer.

Dr. David Yonggi Cho is pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea, the world’s largest church with 760,000 members.


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