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Assemblies of God Vision 2000 Statement

Nearly nine decades ago, the Lord raised up this Fellowship with a Gideon’s army of just 300 people. But look what God has done! Together with our fraternal fellowships abroad, we have become a worldwide community of 35 million people. We gather each week in more than 162,000 congregations. Can we believe for a worldwide family of 100 million, 500 million — or even more? The answer is yes!

As we surrender ourselves anew to the Lord, we will have a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will enable us to fulfill the Great Commission. There is no limit to what the Spirit will do if we remain faithful to our Lord’s mandate to preach the gospel to all the world, trusting in His promise of divine power to enable us.

We have sought the Lord and believe He is giving fresh vision to our Fellowship. This year, U.S. districts and local churches have passionately expressed their desire to advance God’s kingdom in their communities and throughout the world. They have voiced what they believe the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church concerning our part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Their voices from all over this nation have reconfirmed our threefold purpose to worship, disciple and evangelize. They have also affirmed our need for a fresh dependence on God.

In 1914, our founders boldly stated, "We commit ourselves and the Movement to Him for the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen."

Echoing our founding fathers, we recommit ourselves and this Movement to Jesus Christ … in worship, discipleship and evangelism.

We commit ourselves to Him … in worship.
We glorify God, unashamed of our extravagant love for Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to be people who live in and for the glory of God and we will endeavor to enable every believer to become a true worshiper, seeking Him in spirit and in truth.

We commit ourselves to Him … in discipleship.
It is God’s will for every believer to mature in Christlike character. Spiritual formation brings glory to our Lord and Savior and validates our witness to the world. We will use every effective means to spiritually develop believers in our churches and prepare succeeding generations for service.

We will diligently train new leaders. We will encourage and enable pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries and lay leaders to reach their full potential in ministry. We pledge that our national and district offices — as well as our training institutions — will provide excellent resource materials for church leaders, enabling them to effectively equip God’s people for service.

We commit ourselves to Him … in evangelism.
We commit ourselves to a renewed passion for evangelism. We are asking God to birth in us new compassion for those who are perishing without Christ. Each member and every ministry of this Fellowship must be compelled by the lostness of humanity. We will reach out to the oppressed and wounded — to all who are marching blindly to everlasting death, numbed by the materialism and moral decay of our society. We will touch the poor and the suffering with the compassion of Christ and will demonstrate His love in practical ways — providing food, clothing and medical care as we minister to both physical and spiritual human need. We will proclaim God’s unconditional love and provision of forgiveness to all who are broken by sin and urge them to receive and follow Jesus.

With the Lord’s enabling, we will establish new, Spirit-birthed Assemblies of God churches throughout this nation and around the world. We pray that the Lord of the harvest will provide many more God-called pastors, and we will help new churches grow into effective bodies of believers that will have an impact on their society. With God’s help, we will reach every home and every culture in our communities with an adequate witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will believe for Pentecostal revitalization in established churches so they can fulfill God’s plan and purpose … that His house may be full.

We recommit ourselves with unrelenting passion to the great cause of worldwide missions. In this, we pledge ourselves anew to a strong partnership with our brothers and sisters from around the world. The Lord of the harvest clearly spoke to the hearts of our founding fathers that this church would be of one mind in the task of world missions. In the grip of the Spirit’s conviction, we believe every Assemblies of God church and every member will support missions in prayer and sacrificial giving. Most important, we pledge the greatest of all investments — our people … youth, men and women who will take their places in the vast, unreached fields of this end-time harvest.

In all we do
We will remain faithful to sound biblical doctrine. Our Statement of Fundamental Truths begins with our belief that the Scriptures are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man — the infallible authority for faith and practice. This is not only the first of our fundamental truths, but foundational to all we believe and how we live. Salvation, divine healing, the second coming of Christ and the baptism in the Holy Spirit will be kept at the forefront of our commitment as we continue to submit our lives in obedience to the eternal Word of God.

We will serve our Lord in a cooperative spirit. We will work together in harmony — not in competition. We will be a people united by God, recognizing that there is "one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all" (Ephesians 4:5,6). We will work for cooperation within the United States as well as with our fraternal fellowships overseas to foster unity and advance the kingdom of God.

We will actively seek, yield to and depend on the working of the Holy Spirit. We pledge to be a praying church and to be a people of the altar in our sanctuaries, our homes and our individual lives. We acknowledge our utter dependence upon His work and power, living in the reality that it is "not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty" (Zechariah 4:6).

The world desperately needs to see Jesus in us through the fruit of the Spirit. We will fervently seek the Lord to manifest more of His power. We must proclaim Christ to the 21st-century world with first-century fervor. We will not allow the way we live to be characterized by mere mental assent to doctrines — void of power. We reaffirm that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is an indispensable blessing, God’s promise for every believer to advance the church. We call each generation to a fresh baptism of divine power for service. We ask the Lord of the harvest for new boldness, vision, passion and power that only come from the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to making "disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything" that Jesus Christ commanded (Matthew 28:19,20). As we humbly seek God’s direction and follow His leading, He will be with us to fulfill the task of worldwide evangelism until He returns.

This vision statement is based on the report of the National Vision Team. A complete report is available on the Assemblies of God website: Copies can be obtained through the Office of Public Relations, 1445 Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. Phone: 417-862-2781, ext. 2115.


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