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Focus on America

A praying church

I am greatly concerned about the spiritual condition of our nation. As a grandfather, I ask myself, What kind of society am I leaving for my grandchildren?

America’s overwhelming spiritual problems seem to be largely ignored during this time of unprecedented prosperity. It is the role of the church to lead society to a spiritual awakening no matter what the circumstances. It is possible to have revival regardless of the political climate or any other condition that may exist.

For the past three decades, the church in America has been abandoning its responsibilities by blaming politicians, courts and educators. No one has the authority to block God’s presence from His church. He is waiting; the door is open. Believers can enter His presence at any time no matter what is happening in the political realm. We need not wait for conditions to get right; they are always right for a praying church.

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When David Yonggi Cho was asked why Korea is in revival, but America is not, he reportedly replied, "In my country we build prayer centers. In America, you build family life centers." This is not an indictment against buildings but a reminder to pray. I know from personal experience that when the church prays, God shows up in great power. We spend too much time explaining why it can’t happen instead of taking responsibility for the Great Commission that Jesus has given His church.

Thomas E. Trask, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, has designated each Tuesday as a day of fasting and prayer across our Fellowship. I wonder how many of our ministers are leading by example in this biblical mandate. I know that this magazine is widely read by the laity of this church, and I ask you to encourage your local church to fast and pray. But don’t wait on everyone else; you do it. Then ask others to join you in a specified time of prayer and fasting. You will see results immediately. Some of it will be negative, for Satan fears a praying church more than anything else. He has no power over a church that prays. America needs revival and there is no shortcut or quick fix.

When God’s people get desperate enough to pay whatever price is required, God will do in America what He is doing in some places around the world.

— Charles E. Hackett


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