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Vantage point

Tough problems

In December 1998, an issue of the Pentecostal Evangel was printed that has since become one of the most popular ever. "Ten Tough Questions" provided answers from qualified ministers to some of the toughest questions people ask.

From "Isn’t Buddha as good as Christ?" to "What is the unpardonable sin?"; from "Why do bad things happen to good people?" to "Why don’t we see as many healings today as in the past?," Assemblies of God authors faced the tough questions and provided succinct, straightforward, biblical answers.

In this issue we go beyond doctrinal questions and come to grips with questions about life’s problems that so many people ask — or want to ask.

Each of the 10 articles — on divorce, tragedy, loneliness, addictions and more — is a mini-counseling session that can help someone going through such a problem, or someone who has a friend or loved one facing it. The authors who address these problems are experienced and eminently qualified to provide counsel on the problems they discuss. Along with each article is a short testimony from someone who has faced such a problem and come through it with God’s help.

When I was a pastor, I would have been glad for such a resource and would have kept several on hand, knowing it would reduce counseling time and short-circuit some problems early.

Many pastors have kept a supply of the original issue — "Ten Tough Questions" — on hand for clear, succinct answers to these questions when they arise. Our desire is that this current issue will serve individuals and the local church in an even greater dimension. We want the Pentecostal Evangel to be practical and relevant.

By the way, though the "Ten Tough Questions" issue is out of print, it can still be accessed on the Pentecostal Evangel website. Just visit and click on "Life’s Q&A" on the top navigation bar.

Whatever the question or problem, one thing is sure: God’s Word has the answer. Our prayer is that God will use this issue to touch lives.

— Ken Horn


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