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Quick quiz

Do you have what it takes to compete for a pro football trivia title? See if you deserve a tryout. Take this quiz.

1. A recent ESPN Sports Poll found that the Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event among Americans 12 and over. What event was a distant second?

A. Olympics
B. NBA playoffs
C. World Series
D. NCAA Men’s Final Four (basketball)
E. NFL playoffs

2. Before the 1950 season, the NFL absorbed three teams from the defunct All-America Football Conference. The 1949 champions of both leagues were then paired in a season-opening Saturday night game. Who were they?

A. Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles
B. Chicago Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers
C. Baltimore Colts and Los Angeles Rams
D. Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions
E. Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers

3. How many teams were in the American Football League when it began play in 1960?

A. 10
B. 8
C. 9
D. 12
E. 11

4. The Super Bowl trophy is named after legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi. With what team did Lombardi finish his coaching career?

A. New York Giants
B. Detroit Lions
C. Atlanta Falcons
D. Cleveland Browns
E. Washington Redskins

5. The last NFL championship game not leading to the Super Bowl was the January 2, 1966, contest between what teams?

A. Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers
B. Cleveland Browns and Green Bay Packers
C. Chicago Bears and New York Giants
D. Baltimore Colts and Cleveland Browns
E. Green Bay Packers and New York Giants

6. Of the following teams, which is the only one to have appeared in the Super Bowl?

A. New Orleans Saints
B. Detroit Lions
C. Arizona Cardinals
D. Cleveland Browns
E. Philadelphia Eagles

7. In the 1940 NFL Championship Game, the Chicago Bears shut out the Washington Redskins by the widest margin in league history. How many points did Chicago score?

1. 64
2. 59
3. 56
4. 73
5. 77

8. Which of the following former running backs never scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

A. Walter Payton, Bears
B. Franco Harris, Steelers
C. Tony Dorsett, Cowboys
D. Marcus Allen, Raiders
E. John Riggins, Redskins

9. The St. Louis Rams, winners of Super Bowl XXXIV, began their existence in what city?

A. Columbus, Ohio
B. Los Angeles
C. Cleveland
D. Anaheim, Calif.
E. Portsmouth, Ohio

10. What team owner suggested the name "Super Bowl" for the AFL-NFL World Championship Game?

A. George Halas, Chicago Bears
B. Carroll Rosenbloom, Baltimore Colts
C. Joe Robbie, Miami Dolphins
D. Lamar Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

E. Charles Bidwell, St. Louis Cardinals



1. C — World Series; 2. A — Cleveland Browns & Philadelphia Eagles; 3. B — 8; 4. E — Washington Redskins; 5. B — Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers; 6. E — Philadelphia Eagles; 7. D — 73; 8. A — Walter Payton, Bears; 9. C — Cleveland; 10. D — Lamar Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs.

How do you rate?

0-1 correct: Training camp opens in six months. Better start getting in shape.
2-3 correct: We have a slot for you on the practice squad.
4-5 correct: How does special teams sound?
6-7 correct: You’ll be in the starting lineup next week.
8-9 correct: Pack your bags for the Pro Bowl.
10 correct: Congratulations! You’ve made the Hall of Fame.

Compiled by Ron Kopczick, Pentecostal Evangel promotions coordinator.



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