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Difficult questions hit Christians from all sides. Often the issues are adversarial. Others, however, are sincere questions brought by unbelievers who are searching for truth. How could a God of love send people to hell? How do you know Jesus is the only way? What about all those church-going hypocrites? And why so many different denominations?

Still other tough questions rise from the hearts of believers who don’t fully understand God’s ways. Why do some of the best people I know suffer so much? Why don’t we see more healings?

Still others are doctrinal. Why has the second coming of Jesus delayed for so long? Why would God create humankind when He knew they would fall?

One issue in particular often stands as a barrier for someone who wants to live his or her life for Jesus, but feels the way is closed: "I think I may have committed the unpardonable sin. Will God really forgive me?"

All of these questions are crucial. They are some of the toughest questions that can be asked. And they need to be answered. The Evangel has asked qualified individuals in our Movement to address them. The challenge we presented them with was to answer these questions in very few words — to present brief functional responses. For the Christian, these articles comprise a basic handbook that can be referred to and expanded upon as the need arises. Our hope is that it will meet a need to equip Christians, communicate with sincere seekers and prompt further in-depth study.