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How can divorcees cope with their pain and press on in life? Do they have a meaningful place in the church? How does one help the children of broken homes?
By Artherlene Rippy

How can bad habits — drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography — be broken?
By Bill Howell

How can a person handle loneliness and rejection? What can be done to help someone who is lonely?
By Richard and Priscilla Dobbins

Unsaved family
What can you do to help family members find Jesus Christ? How do you respond to a child who rejects your faith?
By T. Ray Rachels

In a society where sin is so pervasive, how can a person live a life that is pleasing to God?
By David Argue



December 17, 2000

Vantage point by Ken Horn: Tough problems

How does a person find healing after a great loss? How does one cope with a chronic or terminal illness?
By Dave Roever

When life is busy and you’re being squeezed from all sides, how do you deal with stress?
By Jo Ellen Cramer Nicholson

When your bank account is empty and debts are mounting, how do you get your finances under control?
By Glen D. Cole

Unanswered prayer
How can a person’s faith be maintained when it seems like God hasn’t answered important prayers?
By Linda Stamps-Dissmore

The past
How can a person overcome his or her past? How does one forgive, forget and receive forgiveness?
By Richard W. Dortch



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