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Easter on Rainbow Mountain
April 23, 2000

Easter on Rainbow Mountain
When a stranger followed Kevin Glaesman up a remote wilderness trail, the day he intended to lose his life became the day he found it.
By Mary Glaesman and Kevin Glaesman

Editor's Journey by Hal Donaldson: The reunion

Also in this issue

The uniqueness of Christianity
Those who follow Jesus Christ are part of a movement unlike any other world religion. Here are some of the ways it stands out.
By Ralph W. Harris

The poorest lie ever told
"His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep," said the Roman soldiers who had guarded the tomb of Jesus. Several considerations make this a poorly conceived falsehood.
By C.M. Ward

Easter is for children – all God’s children
Ways to teach your kids about the Resurrection.
By Sharon Ellard

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