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  • July 11, 2014 - Reflections

    By Jean S. Horner
    The other day while walking down a corridor in a public building, I saw what appeared to be someone walking toward me. On coming closer, I found it was my own reflection in a huge mirror. For a moment it frightened me. Somehow a full-length reflection of one’s self is a startling thing. ...

My Journey: Healed of Cancer

By Byron Newby, with selections from the Pentecostal Evangel archives
Jan. 12, 2014

The Assemblies of God has promoted faith in God as Divine Healer since the Fellowship’s earliest days. The following “My Journey” and historical healing testimony excerpts illustrate the reality of this belief at work in people’s lives.

On Oct. 25, 2012, following a routine colonoscopy, I was told I had a stage 3 cancerous tumor. I had been practicing natural health and trusting God for healing for 65 years, and was a stranger to being a patient. I had no pain and didn’t feel sick.

My medical team stressed the seriousness of my situation and outlined a plan for radiation, surgery and chemo. As an Assemblies of God credentialed minister for 43 years, I had walked with many people through their medical issues. Now, I was on my first journey through the medical world’s maze.

I started radiation treatment to shrink the tumor the week before Thanksgiving. I “celebrated” the holidays by going for treatment every afternoon Monday through Friday. I also took a chemo tablet three times a day to open the cancer cells. Of course, the doctors warned me of all the possible negative impacts on my body from the treatments.

Even while I followed my physicians’ counsel, I never doubted that God would be the source of my healing.

“Lord,” I would pray, “protect my body from any adverse effects of this radiation and direct it only to the cancer cells. Jesus, supersize the treatment with the power of the Holy Spirit to zap the tumor supernaturally more than the radiation can do.”

As I continued to pray with my spirit, sing songs, and quote Scriptures, I had no adverse effects from the radiation or chemo and continued my regular schedule as a lead pastor. Additionally, I sailed through the height of the cold and flu season, even though I was not allowed to take my usual vitamins, supplements or antioxidants.

Radiation treatment ended Monday, Jan. 7, 2013, which was the beginning of our church’s week of prayer. Toward the end of the week, I felt a specific shift in my body. It was like a switch was turned off in my internal organs. I sensed a release of God’s power, and my appetite increased greatly. My energy returned to the level of a young man.

As I asked God what was going on, I sensed He had completed the killing of all cancer cells. I began telling everyone the tumor was dead. My family and church told me they saw a definite change in my countenance.

I told one of the men in our church I didn’t know exactly when the tumor died, but it was sometime during the latter part of that week of prayer. He responded quickly by saying it must have happened when the Ukrainian couple prayed for me. I asked him why he knew that. He said he was in the back of the church and saw a cloudy mist surround me when they laid hands on me.

When he said this, I immediately remembered this couple was in our Thursday noon prayer time and had come to me as I was praying on the front row of our church sanctuary. They asked permission to pray for me, and when they were through, the wife spoke Ukrainian to her husband. He interpreted that she saw a bright light from above break through a dark cloud over my head as they prayed. They saw a visible manifestation of God’s power, and I felt a physical touch of God’s power.

As you might imagine, I was testifying to anyone who would listen, especially my radiologist, my oncologist, and my surgeon. My doctors accepted my testimony but wanted to continue with their plan, and surgery was scheduled next. They wanted to do it in March, but I wanted to wait until after Easter. I wasn’t sick, I felt great, and I knew surgery would be a traumatic setback to my body. I wanted to be healthy for Easter celebration. Plus, I was asking God to do a supernatural surgery and remove that dead tumor on Easter Sunday, if not before.

About two weeks before Easter, I was praying in the Spirit, and the Lord revealed a vision to me of going through surgery. I was lying on the gurney with all the surgical team and equipment, and an overwhelming peace flooded my entire being. I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit filling the room and impacting everyone in the room. I believe God did this to set me free from a fear of surgery and to tell me He would touch more lives by letting the surgeon remove the dead tumor.

My feelings were mixed. Part of me actually felt some excitement about surgery if God accomplished His purposes through it. Another part of me argued with God that I thought He would be glorified just as much if He did the removal supernaturally.

April 3, 2013, the Wednesday after Easter, my surgeon spent five hours removing the tumor. An openly professing follower of Christ, he said he felt the help of the Holy Spirit and appreciated all the prayers of my family and friends. It was one of the most difficult surgeries he had done in his 25 years of practice, he explained, and many things could have gone wrong. He also described the tumor as dried scar tissue the size of a man’s fist.

Five days later, my surgeon sat on my hospital bed and said my recovery from surgery was miraculous. My bowels were already working, and I had no complications. However, he wanted me to stay one more day in the hospital to rest. The next morning, he walked into my room at 8:30 beaming from ear to ear. He had just read the pathology report.

“You were right,” he said. “It was dead!”

The tumor had signs of dead cancer. All the lymph nodes he removed surrounding the tumor had no trace of cancer. The official statement was: No living cancer cells found. If I had not let the surgeon remove the dead tumor, it would not have been medically documented. My surgeon would not have experienced the joy of witnessing his first miracle in one of his patients.

I was not surprised by the report, but I was surprised to get it so soon. I was so thankful my surgeon was the one to deliver the report and that he shared it before I left the hospital. This allowed me to finalize my testimony of God’s complete healing to my hospital caregivers. I had the joy of praying with many of them.

One prayed to begin a relationship with Christ. Another received instant healing from pain in an infected root canal. Others were encouraged in their faith and inspired in their medical service.

I am excited to continue on my healing journey and to share the good news everywhere I go. May God be praised, and may many be blessed when they hear of His faithfulness to me.

BYRON NEWBY is lead pastor of The Crossroad Church of the Assemblies of God in Lynnwood, Wash.



It was shortly after my 20th birthday, when sickness fell on me which fastened me on a sick bed for a number of months — inflammatory rheumatism, with heart trouble and lung trouble (consumption of the lungs [today this is called tuberculosis]). A specialist was brought from a distant city. This doctor told my mother that there was no hope at all.

Blessed be the day when at last I lifted up my heart to the Lord in prayer and supplication, not for healing of my body, but for the salvation of my soul before being called from this earth. And it seemed as though a small light began to burn in my soul. Faith and hope increased and became strengthened in that moment when a Scripture passage was repeated to me, where the Lord Jesus said, “To me is given all power in heaven and earth” (Matthew 28:12).

With a loud voice I exclaimed, “Oh Lord, now I see that there is hope for me, not only for the healing of my soul, even hope for the healing of my body.” That moment I made a consecration of my life.

Blessed be the name of the Lord! Sickness, with suffering and fever, had all gone, and physical strength came back from day to day.

— Maria A. Gerber
Weekly Evangel, May 12, 1917



I was healed from sciatic rheumatism and other diseases, from which I suffered for 17 years; for three years I was unable to work and walked with crutches for six months. I could not lie nor sit down for pain; was under the care of six doctors. After taking medicine until it ate all the lining out of my stomach, the doctors said they had done all they could do.

I heard of some people who had no more sense than just to take God at His Word. I went to one of their meetings and it put me to thinking. The next night I went again. Then I plainly saw that it was the power of God and I asked them to pray for me. They anointed my head with oil and laid their hands on me, and prayed over me.

I suffered with the pain in my knees for three days until I could not stand it any longer; so I went and asked them to pray for me again. This time the pain got down to my ankles. I went on for three days longer, then went back the third time and asked them to pray over me. I praised the Lord until the pain went out of my feet, and I have never suffered with that pain since.

— John Boss
Pentecostal Evangel, Oct. 18, 1924



In November 1933 I was healed of cancer in answer to prayer. The cancer was on my neck and as large as my fist. The cancer had so affected my voice that I could only whisper. A specialist told me there was nothing that could be done; that I should go home and make my peace with God.

I had already been converted, but I had not been instructed about Divine Healing. I went home and asked for prayer at my local church. The church fasted and prayed for me.

The cancer had broken through and for eight weeks I was speechless. The doctors said I would never be able to speak again. These eight weeks made a total of 42 weeks that I had suffered so greatly.

Then God began to answer prayer. My strength returned, the cancer disappeared, and my voice was gradually restored. Now I am perfectly well.

— Mrs. C.E. Henderson
Pentecostal Evangel, July 6, 1935



In March of 1947 I was preaching in a revival campaign at Panama City, Fla., and just before we closed the meeting I felt a tightening in my throat and chest. It did not seem that I was taking a cold, and I attributed it to weariness at first, but it kept increasing until it seemed like a band around my throat and lungs. I became desperately ill and was in bed a good part of two weeks. My throat was inflamed all the way down into my chest.

One morning about the middle of July I heard that a revival campaign was in progress in Tampa, being conducted by an evangelist I knew well. I also learned that they were having morning prayer meetings, so I went. The evangelist told me that the night before, she had felt a mighty burden sweep over her for my healing, and all through the service she had found herself praying for me.

I went to the altar and asked them to anoint me and pray for me to be healed. They did so; and although I did not feel any change in my condition at that time, I felt sure that God had heard the prayer. This was on Tuesday morning. By Thursday night I dared to try to preach, and for the first time in four months I did not lose my voice.

— Mayme E. Williams
Pentecostal Evangel, March 20, 1948



On Oct. 26, 1957, I was seriously injured in a head-on collision near Deer River, Minn. At St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth, X-rays showed I had a dislocated hip, fractured socket, broken hip and broken pelvis bone. The main nerve from the spine through the left leg was shattered, and my chest and head were badly injured. My right arm was partly paralyzed. And I had a number of deep cuts and bruises.

In the emergency operating room, I asked God to heal me. He seemed to speak to me that He would, if I would witness boldly for Him to those who were lost.

I was put to bed and my injured limb was put in traction. Very shortly I was able to move my foot and my whole leg.

Two X-rays were taken and showed nothing was wrong. In spite of that, I was put in a full-length cast. When I was sent home, I asked my wife to remove the cast. She and our son steadied me for the first few steps, and from then on I walked without the use of a cane or crutches. In all, three weeks elapsed from the time of the accident until I was walking.

— Herman C. Aaker
Pentecostal Evangel, July 24, 1960


In the fall of 1977 I suffered a light stroke, which left me unable to use the thumb and fingers of my left hand. I could no longer use a typewriter.

Then early in 1980 I was living with my daughter and her family following the loss of my husband. Around that time we started attending Fayette Fellowship Assembly of God in Peachtree City, Ga.

One Sunday morning I felt led of the Spirit to ask the pastor to anoint me with oil and pray for me. A group of believers joined us. I felt no great surge of healing, only a sense of satisfaction because I had obeyed the Lord.

During the following week I felt an urge to use my typewriter. I resisted this, since for so long I had been unable to do so. Finally on Friday I went to my typewriter. To my surprise my fingers moved easily about the keyboard. I typed a portion of the 23rd Psalm and then gave thanks for this marvelous healing..

— Irene M. Burris
Pentecostal Evangel, Aug. 22, 1982


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