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Daily Boost

  • July 11, 2014 - Reflections

    By Jean S. Horner
    The other day while walking down a corridor in a public building, I saw what appeared to be someone walking toward me. On coming closer, I found it was my own reflection in a huge mirror. For a moment it frightened me. Somehow a full-length reflection of one’s self is a startling thing. ...

  • Seven Prayers, Seven Blessings

    The faithful intercession of parents powerfully influences their children's lives for eternity.
    By Tom Lindberg

  • My Journey: The Day Our Son Stopped Breathing

    A visit to a ski resort turns into a crisis as a young man fights for his life.
    By Debbie Mannon

  • Reflections From the PE Staff

    The Pentecostal Evangel editorial team shares memories from their years of ministry.

  • The Gift

    Selections from a century of Pentecostal Evangel Christmas issues proclaim a timeless message of joy.
    Compiled by Scott Harrup

  • Why Joseph?

    The Gospels offer few details about the man who raised God's Son. But Joseph's life has lessons for us all.
    By Steve Lim

  • Oasis in the Heartland

    FREE International prepares to open a recovery shelter for victimized girls.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • A Simple Christmas

    God intends, with the gift of His Son, to fill our lives with wonder, joy and peace.
    By David B. Crabtree

  • A Heart for Worship

    The journey of the Wise Men vividly illustrates the power of sacrificial worship.
    By Craig Brian Larson

  • It's a Wrap

    The year of the Bible movie comes to a close with the release of Exodus: Gods and Kings.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Asia Pacific's Unreached

    Assemblies of God missionaries in Asia Pacific are seeking God for open doors of ministry to people groups who have never heard of Jesus.
    By Bryan Webb

  • Midnight in the Village

    A missionary treks through the jungle to bring a gospel witness to an unreached village.

  • Change Due

    The Holy Spirit helps the Christian experience an anchored life in the midst of transition.
    By David W. Argue

  • Vital

    General Superintendent George O. Wood announces a new Assemblies of God publication.

  • Saving a Runaway

    Quick police action and a follow-up Teen Challenge program transformed Bailey Gates' life.
    By Josephine Woolington and John W. Kennedy

  • The Gift of Adoption

    Jason Kuenzi started life at Highlands Maternity Home. Now, 45 years later, he and his wife, Kristy, have adopted three children of their own.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • The Spirit of Thanksgiving

    Some people find it difficult to thank God when all is going well; others, in the hour of trouble. The Spirit-filled believer gives thanks always.
    By Hardy W. Steinberg

  • Flat-Screen Faith

    The results have been mixed as reality TV casts Christians in supposedly candid situations.
    By Christina Quick

  • How Close Can We Come?

    Have you ever wondered how Jesus looks at you? You might be surprised by the answer.
    By Robert Crosby

  • A Miracle for Kierra

    Scoliosis appeared to be a lifelong reality for Kierra Henke. God had a different idea.
    By Amy Denny

  • When Ties Unbind

    Churches must meet the challenge of divorce realities in 21st-century America.
    By Christina Quick

  • Mistaken for Dead

    Gordy Frederick survived a kamikaze attack on a U.S. warship in World War II. But his crew didn't know it.
    By Joel Kilpatrick

  • A Place to Call Home

    A community of fellow Christians makes all the difference during overseas deployment.
    By Alethea Horning

  • Warrior Pointe

    A military support group applies spiritual tactics to veterans' trauma.
    By John W. Kennedy and Anna Webb

  • Risking Everything

    A pastor and congregation in Sri Lanka are willing to face harassment and even harm for the sake of the gospel.
    By Gaylon Wampler

  • Celebrating in the Face of Suffering

    The centennial celebration of the Sri Lanka Assemblies of God exemplifies the resilience of believers who persevere in trying circumstances.
    By Greg Mundis

  • Willing to Give All

    The plight of suffering believers challenges us to examine how God is calling us to respond.
    By Omar Beiler

  • Hey Kids!

    A message from Petey

  • Kids Page Collector's Edition

    The fall Kids Edition collects an array of popular Kids Pages.

  • Father to the Fatherless

    Liz Bailey knows life as a widowed mother must be built on faith.
    By Christina Quick

  • My Journey: Full Circle

    A retired teacher remembers years of classroom ministry and anticipates her church's continued growth.
    By E. Loraine Crookshanks

  • Community Partnerships

    Life Church (Assemblies of God) interacts with more than 30 local organizations to proclaim the gospel in Smyrna, Ga.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Celebration and Challenge

    Visitors from 120 nations journey to Springfield, Mo., and join in grateful worship for the Lord’s blessing on the Assemblies of God’s first century and to reflect on pressing issues shaping the Fellowship today.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Spiritually Blind?

    Through the ages, people favored with God's revelation have not always responded in faith and true relationship.
    By James Hernando

  • New Identities

    Chi Alpha is introducing college students in California's Central Valley to the transformative power of the gospel.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • The Power of Negative Thinking

    Sometimes saying no can point you in the right direction.
    By Don Meyer

  • Timeless Value

    The later years of life are filled with opportunities to serve and to share.
    By Wes Wick

  • Why Anoint With Oil?

    There is no curative power in anointing oil. It is a symbol, used as an act of faith and obdience to the command of God.
    By Bernice M. Gerard

  • The Power of the Healing Testimony

    A young woman's healing miracle in 1879 propelled her into a lifetime of ministry.
    By Jennifer A. Miskov

  • Healthy Living, Healthy Ministry

    Acting on a doctor's warning, Ricky Van Pay shed 75 pounds and trained as a triathlete. He is now an in-demand consultant to those intent on taking better care of their bodies.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Committed to Excellence

    Evangel University's Robert H. Spence concludes 40 years as president.
    By Shirley Shedd

  • It Pays to Serve

    Abigail Sailors didn't know how she could afford to return to Trinity Bible College. A surprise encounter at her job completely changed her outlook.
    By Dan Van Veen

  • Tackling College Debt

    Some simple steps can make financing higher education less of a burden
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Thirsty Africa

    Across Africa, the work of Africa Oasis Project is bringing fresh water for people’s bodies and Living Water for their souls.
    BY Kristel Ortiz

  • Spirits in the Schoolyard: The War for Togo's Mind and Soul

    Led by the Holy Spirit, Bible school students are making inroads into spiritually dark areas of Togo.
    BY Kristel Ortiz

  • Water for Body and Soul

    Greg Beggs, Africa regional director for Assemblies of God World Missions, talks about the continent’s critical need for water and how Africa Oasis Project creates open doors for the gospel.

  • Where Should Your Child Go to School?

    Public school, private school and homeschooling all have something positive to offer children. A prayer-focused decision will make all the difference.
    By Billie Davis

  • My Journey: Here and Gone

    A retouched photograph helps a family deal with loss and anticipate a reunion.
    By Joy A. Sterling

  • When God Spoke

    Unexpected kindnesses and a word of knowledge demonstrate divine intervention following tragedy.
    By Caryl Harvey

  • Implausible Journey

    African-born Jan Berkmans received ministerial training from Pentecostals in Russia and now pastors Jewish converts in New York.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Colorblind Worship

    Jim D. Rion, founding pastor of Westover Hills Assembly of God in San Antonio, reaches a multitude of cultures, especially Hispanics.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • The University of Truth

    There is absolute truth, and it's available to those who hunger for spiritual meaning in life.
    By J.W. Jepson

  • Piercing the Dark Cloud

    People with Alzheimer's can still be helped to connect with their faith.
    By Gary R. Allen

  • Blindness No Barrier

    Schoolteacher Greg P. Aikens lives a normal and productive life despite being unable to see for the past 18 years.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Living in the Shadow of Death

    An Alzheimer's caregiver shares four lessons she has learned.
    By Peggy Musgrove

  • Double Miracle

    On Christmas Eve, when all seemed lost, a suicidal college student rediscovered grace.
    By Randal Ross with Scott Harrup

  • Seize the Moment

    The Assemblies of God has a well-tested history of finding divine opportunity during the worst of times.
    By Darrin J. Rodgers

  • Our Mission, the Great Commission

    Christ never limited to the apostles His command to take the gospel into all the world.
    By Greg Mundis

  • What We're Doing Right

    The reason for 100 years of growth in the Assemblies of God is as old as the New Testament: “They gathered the church together and reported all that God had done through them” (Acts 14:27, NIV).
    By George O. Wood

  • A Centennial Pilgrimage

    Echoes from the founding General Council could be heard throughout the two-day celebration of the Assemblies of God’s first century in the city where it all began.
    By Darrin J. Rodgers

  • Assemblies of God Global Perspective

    The World Assemblies of God Fellowship has brought greater unity and a sense of identity to the family of AG churches around the world.
    By William Molenaar

  • Transformation Complete

    Chi Alpha campus pastor Linda Seiler is finally able to talk about her 22-year transgender struggle.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Building Connections

    Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree ministry creates year-round outreach opportunities through Christmas generosity.
    By Rebekah L. Stratton

  • “Mom, Keep Praying”

    A family discovers spiritual resources during a daughter’s battle with an eating disorder.
    By Jewell Johnson

  • The Secret of Happiness

    A saving relationship with Jesus Christ coupled with daily obedience to God's will infuses all of life with joy.
    By Charles T. Crabtree

  • Hands Held High

    The few sentences forming Hur's biblical biography offer a key to personal fulfillment,
    By Louise Lankford-Dunlap

  • Happy Aging

    For multiple reasons, the elderly — especially Christians — are the most content with life.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • The New COMPACT

    Jay Mooney is overseeing the Assemblies of God national children's home ministry in a time of challenging trends that call for strategic vision.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • An Altar Memoir

    A daughter rediscovers the site of a powerful childhood encounter with God.
    By Amy Alexander

  • A Heart as Big as Texas

    A cooperative effort undergirded by AG missionary Eric Porter is helping orphans in the Lone Star State and beyond.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Head Shot

    Pittsburgh Pastor Brian Bolt is planting churches throughout the Northeast. But 13 years ago he nearly died in the back of an ambulance as he made a salvation decision.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Avalanche

    When a mountainside of snow gives way, two sons of an Assemblies of God pastor discover prayer is their key to survival.
    By Ilene Olson and Dan Van Veen

  • My Journey: The Power of Grace

    An honors student during her first year in college faces a life-threatening mystery illness.
    By Brittany Sylvester

  • Diversity of the Gospel

    God in His wisdom, authority, grace and power crafted a simple message of hope applicable to every person.
    By Zollie L. Smith Jr.

  • Chaplaincy: Beyond the Call of Duty

    Some people approaching 50 feel as if they have done their life's work. Chaplain Angel Berrios is just getting started.
    By Scott Harrup

  • Chi Alpha: Reaching Ethnic Students

    Steve and Charlene Michaels are sharing their faith with the University of Florida's international community.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Intercultural Ministries: Backyard Mission Field

    The world is coming to Amarillo, Texas, where Steve and Sheri Woodward are seizing the opportunity to minister.
    By Gail Wood

  • Missionary Church Planters & Developers: Still Young Enough to Serve

    Wes and Judy Wick want to lead a generation of seniors into new opportunities for mentoring and ministry.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Teen Challenge: Making a Difference

    Teen Challenge of Southern California has an international footprint.
    By Christina Quick

  • U.S. MAPS: Spirit of Unity

    MAPS RV Volunteers may be the "best kept secret in the Assemblies of God." Mark and Mary Ann Rittermeyer are changing that.
    By Scott Harrup

  • Youth Alive: What God Can Do

    Anna Fouts has never pulled back from proclaiming her faith. Fellow students are taking notice.
    By Emily Tharp

  • Leaders of the AG — The First Century (Part One)

    Reprinted articles by Eudorus N. Bell, Archibald P. Collins, John W. Welch and William T. Gaston

  • Leaders of the AG — The First Century (Part Two)

    Reprinted articles by Ernest S. Williams, Wesley R. Steelberg, Gayle F. Lewis and Ralph Riggs

  • Leaders of the AG — The First Century (Part Three)

    Reprinted articles by Thomas F. Zimmerman, G. Raymond Carlson, Thomas E. Trask and George O. Wood.

  • My Father Called

    In a season of deep loss, a thread of grace proves undying.
    By Bob Kilpatrick

  • 10 Lessons My Father Taught Me

    Spiritual lessons learned from a godly dad last a lifetime.
    By Dennis A. Davis

  • Why Do I Do What I Don't Want to Do?

    Dad's struggling to be spiritual examples can apply four fundamental principles
    By Thomas Lindberg

  • "With One Accord"

    Repeatedly, the Book of Acts points followers of Christ to Spirit-empowered unity.
    By James K. Bridges

  • Filled

    The Holy Spirit brings God's level of victory for our living or dying, working or worshipping, walking or waiting.
    By George Holmes

  • The Fire Still Burns

    Today's follower of Christ receives the same ivitation for the Holy Spirit's infilling as the Early Church.
    By Ada Brownell

  • The Cross and the Switchblade: 50 Years of Miracles

    David Wilkerson was a young Assemblies of God minister when he began Teen Challenge as an outreach to drug-addicted and gang-affiliated youth. The book Wilkerson wrote with John and Elizabeth Sherrill became a catalyst for transformed lives.
    By David Batty

  • Sack Lunch Spirituality

    One boy’s humble contribution unleashed divine provision on a biblical scale.
    By Robert C. Crosby

  • Gambling, Gambling Everywhere

    Online betting is a new force in a nation already saturated with casinos and lotteries.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • No Small Achievement

    An Assemblies of God chaplain becomes the first female in an Army combat arms unit.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • My Journey: "He Sure Works Fast!"

    Friday night at a Vacation Bible School becomes an opportunity for children to seek God, and for one child to experience His provision.
    By Karla Boyd

  • Let Us Pray

    Ministry leaders know conversations with God yield fruitful results.
    By Christina Quick

  • Why Did God Make Bugs?

    Let's face it — bugs are one part of God's creation we could do without. Or are they?

  • Frozen Soccer Balls from Outer Space

    If you think life is strange right now, just wait until God makes a new and wonderful world!

  • Robots in Space

    Robots are helping scientists learn more about God's amazing universe.

  • Nature's Warning Signs

    They may be small, but the bright colors of poison frogs make them hard to miss and serve as a clear warning sign to other animals. God's Word has some important warnings too.

  • From Atoms to Adam

    Learn about atoms and static electricity, and how you might be getting pulled toward the wrong stuff in life.

  • The Holy Spirit

    We pray to God our Father, and we thank Jesus for being our Savior. The Holy Spirit is God too.

  • The Baby Whisperer

    A newborn in an Arizona neonatal intensive care unit. A couple recovering from loss in Missouri. A God who put together a joy-filled family.
    By Scott Harrup

  • Pause for Moms: Life Stories

    Discouraged moms can connect with the One who rewrites life stories, and pass that heritage on.
    By Chris Maxwell

  • Breadwinning Moms

    The church can play a vital supporting role for women who are balancing careers and families.
    By Christina Quick

  • Loving and Reaching Muslims in Europe

    Missionaries in Europe are seeking God and searching for ways to reach the region's growing Muslim population.
    By Randy Hurst

  • Prayer Focus: Muslims in Europe

    Paul Trementozzi, Europe regional director for AG World Missions, talks about the influx of Muslims in Europe and the open doors available to reach them with the gospel.

  • What Muslims Believe

    In order to present the gospel to Muslims effectively, a basic understanding of Islam is critical.
    By Randy Hurst

  • Beauty for Ashes

    An Assemblies of God minister's daughter leads a women's ministry program in the prison where she served a sentence.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • More Than a Survivor

    Redemption made it possible for Jennifer Faye Smith to overcome drug addiction, homelessness, life as a prostitute, and incarceration.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • My Journey: A New Path

    While in prison, the author met a chaplain who introduced her to Jesus and pointed her toward the power found in receiving — and offering — forgiveness.
    By Clover Burt

  • Live Like It's Sunday

    The three worst days in the lives of Jesus' disciples came before the most amazing Sunday of all.
    By Steve and Yen-Sha Lim

  • When You Wonder

    John the Baptist announced the arrival of the Messiah before multitudes, and then struggled with doubt. But he knew the right question to ask.
    By Allen Groff

  • Time and Tide

    Sometimes the unexpected becomes an opportunity for faith to grow.
    By Sally Gosen Case

  • Why the Assemblies of God Exists

    The general superintendent of the Assemblies of God reflects on five reasons for the calling of the first General Council 100 years ago and the continuing influence of those themes on all that the AG endeavors to carry out today.
    By George O. Wood

  • 100 Years of AG History

    From 1914 to today, milestones in the history of the Assemblies of God demonstrate the providential interaction of God’s favor and enabling power with the commitment and obedience of His servants.

  • Fully Committed

    The men and women who pioneered the Assemblies of God desired — more than anything else — to be fully committed to Christ and His mission. They preached the gospel, prayed for the sick, witnessed miracles, published profound insights on the spiritual life, and established churches, schools, orphanages, and rescue missions. Their story is our story.
    By Darrin Rodgers

  • Amazon Jungle Journey

    Deep in the heart of Peru’s Amazon jungle, hundreds of villages wait for a witness of the gospel.
    By Bryan Webb

  • Finding a Father

    Pastor Rodrigo never knew his earthly father, but he has dedicated his life to telling the Candoshi people about his Heavenly Father.
    By Bryan Webb

  • A Light in the Darkness

    In remote locations and among forgotten cultures, the light of the gospel is shining.
    By Bryan Webb

  • Young Witnesses

    A look back at the commitment of Christ's Ambassadors to take the gospel to the world.

  • The Cross and the Steak Knife

    The author of The Cross and the Switchblade understood that even “good” kids need the gospel.
    By David Wilkerson

  • The Right Way

    A team of Assemblies of God college students are pointing their peers to a Christ-centered self image.
    By Ashli O’Connell

  • What Does the Future Hold?

    The Bible's end-time prophecies were never intended for date setting, but Scripture gives a trustworthy outline of God's ultimate plan for humanity.
    By Ken Horn

  • In Those Dark Moments

    When a children's pastor nears death's door, fervent prayer changes everything.
    By Kendra Bryse

  • Celebrating Light for the Lost

    Two articles look back at one of the most effective tools the Assemblies of God has used to carry the gospel around the world.
    By Darrin Rodgers and Everett James

  • Living Peace

    Setting aside time and personal space to listen to God are powerful keys in transforming turmoil into calm.
    By David W. Argue

  • Get Ready ... Get Set ... Rest

    Intentional rest is not laziness. Jesus' own life connects planned relaxation with truly effective service.
    By S. Robert Maddox

  • My Journey: Pennies, Poems and Prayer

    Impoverished, and sometimes homeless, an elderly widow never loses sight of an opportunity to minister.
    By Lucinda J. Rollings

  • The BGMC Story: Challenged to Change the World

    Since 1949, children from Assemblies of God churches large and small have helped equip AG missionaries around the world with evangelism resources.
    By David and Mary Boyd

  • My Journey: Big and Small, Trust Him in All

    A life-threatening diagnosis. Dwindling financial resources. In the midst of it all, a couple discovers God's faithful provision.
    By Sue Carloni

  • Why We Aren't Prayer Warriors

    Here are the things that stop us from praying, and how to overcome them.
    By Ken Horn

  • Inside Indonesia

    A journey to Indonesia reveals a variety of ways God is at work within the island nation.
    By Ken Horn

  • Seizing Opportunity

    The missions focus of a church in Jakarta, Indonesia, is prompting growth — both in the city and beyond.
    By Randy Hurst

  • Prayer Focus: Indonesia

    Russ Turney, Asia Pacific regional director for Assemblies of God World Missions, highlights the spiritual need and the increasing opportunities to plant the church in Indonesia.

  • The Jesus-Hearted Woman: No Rewind, Only Redemption

    Everyone has regrets, but people can come back, even from big mistakes.
    By Jodi Detrick

  • Social Media and the Church

    While the Internet has its drawbacks, online tools, used the right way, can enhance ministries and benefit individual Christians.
    By Paul K. and Kay Compton Logsdon

  • Beautiful Lies

    Parents must counter the messages girls repeatedly hear asserting the necessity to be thin and sexy.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Kids, Grief, Hope

    Children — and adults — at an AG church learn how to cope with grief.
    By Tara Kulash and John W. Kennedy

  • The Secrets of Soul Winning (Part 2)

    As followers of Christ heed the Savior's call to reach the lost, they must push out from their comfort zones into empowered obedience.
    By James O. Davis

  • Unshackled

    Mark Bradley Morrow found freedom and forgiveness after releasing the abortion-related shame and guilt he had hidden for 18 years.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • The Secrets of Soul Winning (Part 1)

    Jesus calls all of His followers — and equips them — to carry the gospel to the lost. First in a two-part series.
    By James O. Davis

  • Network211 Goes Global for Evangelism

    An Assemblies of God internet evangelism ministry is reaching millions around the world with the gospel.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Finding One's Treasure at Home

    Renewed vows, and spiritual restoration, bring healing to a once-broken marriage.
    By Ann Floyd

  • Russell Wilson: Never a Doubt

    Considered "too small" to play quarterback in the National Football League, the Seattle signal-caller relied on his faith in leading the Seahawks to the playoffs as a rookie.
    By Gail Wood

  • Matt Birk: Faith Centered

    A 15-year career in the NFL helped the Pro Bowl center re-establish his commitment to Christ and become outspoken regarding his convictions.
    By Ian Richardson

  • Giving Up ... Not an Option!

    A near-fatal car accident physically challenges and spiritually changes the life and outlook of Trinity Bible College wide receiver Chris Wood.
    By John W. Kennedy

  • Remade by God

    Martin Oliva Torres grew up with severe facial deformities, a social outcast. Today he is preaching in an Assemblies of God church.
    By Tegan Hanlon and John W. Kennedy

  • My Journey: A Mother’s Heartbeat

    In the wake of devastating news, one final ultrasound saves a baby’s life.
    By Caryn Bell

  • Rebekah On Assignment

    A daughter's few years are filled with purpose.
    By Brenda Adam

  • Born in Revival: The Assemblies of God

    As the Assemblies of God embarks on the Fellowship's centennial year, a commitment to revival remains its foundation and continuing priority.

  • A Faithful Pioneer: Betty Glick Ohse

    For this Alaska District minister, born the year before the Assemblies of God formed, faithfulness is a way of life.

  • My Journey: Healed of Cancer

    A veteran Assemblies of God minister shares about his healing from cancer. Also: Healing testimonies through the decades.
    By Byron Newby, with selections from the Pentecostal Evangel archives

  • Why Missions?

    What compels missionaries to go throughout the world to share the message of salvation with the spiritually lost?
    By Randy Hurst

  • The Name is Jesus

    An Assemblies of God missionary is reminded of the purpose for taking the gospel to those who have never heard.
    By Hal Lehmann

  • 25 Years and 65 Nations

    The 25th anniversary of Vienna Christian Center in Austria gives cause for celebration and anticipation of the future.
    By Kristel Ortiz

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